Dog T Shirts For Humans

Animals have played a vital part for us through our childhood years and beyond. They were always our trusted friends in the times we thought we had none. They continually taught us some of the most valuable lessons of life. Lessons such as kindness, compassion, and loyalty among others. They were always there to share in our happiness or support us when we were sad. They made us laugh. They made us cry. They made us feel and care.

Love Fur All USA may be a small company out of Western New York, but we intend to make a big difference. Over the years we have been so touched by an abundance of love that we wanted to give back to all of our loyal companions. This is why a portion of Cat Hoodies For Humans each printed shirt, tote, mug or any item you purchase from us will go towards helping animals who may be a little down on their luck. Whether they click here have fur, feathers, or fins let's all pay it forward to thank all of them who have given to us so generously.

Thank you to pets of all kinds! (and their humans!)

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